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Manufacturing Equipment | Quality Assurance Equipment | Metrology Laboratory

Manufacturing Equipment:

Quality Assurance Equipment:

Fully Equipped Quality Assurance Department located in an environmentally controlled area and supported with the following:

  1. Two (2) CNC/CMM – (1) FN 905 Coordinating Measurement Machine and One (1) Mitutoyo BHN 710 Coordinating Measurement Machine
  2. One (1) Keyence LS-7000 Green LED Micrometer
  3. Optical Comparator
  4. Height Gages
  5. Plug and Block Gage Sets
  6. Thread Gages
  7. Micrometers – Internal and External
  8. Calipers
  9. Indicators
  10. Surface Plates
  11. Universal Mahr Federal Air Gage
  12. Mahr Federal Pocket Surf Profilometer

Metrology Laboratory