MSI offers a variety of equipment options of high quality and reliable capabilities. A high-tech facility supported by experienced engineering and management teams provides immediate response, performance, and quality in its services and products. MSI continuously supports customers with solutions, including prototypes, production, and assembly work. The equipment on the floor is maintained under strict ISO procedures and surveilled by an in-house team to keep machines to their highest standards.






CNC Vertical Machining Center w/Yasnac control
Travel: X axis – 31.5″, Y axis – 17.32″, Z axis – 19.09″
Spindle: 8,000 RPM, BT 40, 30 Position ATC


Vertical machining center, Fusion 640M high speed machining
Travel: X axis – 22″, Y axis – 16.14″, Z axis – 20″
Spindle: 12,000 RPM, CAT40
Renishaw TS 27R Tool Probe, 30 Position ATC

ADV 5 Axis Haberle

Plus K60 65 Tools, 60 Pallets
Travel: X axis – 19.68″, Y axis – 15.74″, Z axis – 15.74″
Spindle: 10,000 RPM, BT30
Renishaw OTS TS 27R Tool Probe, Renishaw OMP 400 Spindle Probe
60 Lang Makro Grip 77 5 axis self-centering vises, 85mm, 9 Profilo 77, 102mm vise

New 2019


5 Axis 33 Pallets Lang/HWR Precision center Fanuc 31I-B5
IHMI CNC Control, 323 Tools
Travel: X axis – 22.77″, Y axis – 15.75″, Z axis – 19.69″
Spindle: 20,000 RPM, BT40 Blum Nano Touch Tool Probe, Renishaw OMP 60
Spindle Probe, Chip Blaster JV40 1,000 PSI Coolant System w/Coolant Chiller

New 2021


Bridge type CMM with Renishaw Controls, PH-20 Probe Head
CNC Drive System, 70” x 40” granite table with 35” under Bridge

New 2006


Wenzel X0 55 CMM with Renishaw Controls, PH-20 Probe Head
Measuring Range X = 500mm, Y = 500mm, Z = 500mm

New 2020


Manufacturing Equipment:

One (1) Okuma LT200-M TWIN STAR Opposed Twin Spindle Turning Center
One (1) Doosan Lathe – PUMA TT 1800 Multi-Axis Turning Center with two (2) Independent Turrets, 2 5/8 diameter bar capacity with bar feeder
One (1) Standard Resistance Projection Welder, Type PPO-12-50, Style AP, 50 KVA
One (1) Matsuura MC-600DC Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Center
Two (2) Matsuura VF-760 VX-DC Twin Spindle Palletized Vertical Machines, 30 ATC
Two (2) Matsuura MC-800-VF Vertical Machining Centers, 30 ATC and four (4) Axis Indexing Head
One (1) Matsuura MC-510-VF Vertical Machines, 30 ATC and four (4) Axis Indexing Head
One (1) Kitamura H-300B Horizontal Machine, Five (5) Axis with 40 Pallets and 100 ATC
One (1) Kitamura H-400 Horizontal Machine, Four (4) Axis, Two (2) Pallets and 100 ATC
Two (2) Makino A51 Horizontal Machines, Four (4) Axis, Two (2) Pallets and 60 ATC
Two (2) Kia-Turn 15 CNC Lathes Equipped with Bar Feeder
Two (2) Super-Kia Turn 21L Twin Spindle Lathes with Bar Feeder
One (1) Nakamura Tome Slant 1M CNC Lathe
One (1) CTMS Matrix-TM, Tool Management System

Tool Room Manual Shop Support Equipment – Lathe, Milling Machine, Surface Grinder, Power Hand Tools, Drill Presses, Grinders, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tools
Quality Assurance Equipment:

Fully Equipped Quality Assurance Department located in an environmentally controlled area and supported with the following:

Two (2) CNC/CMM – (1) FN 905 Coordinating Measurement Machine and One (1) Mitutoyo BHN 710 Coordinating Measurement Machine
One (1) Keyence LS-7000 Green LED Micrometer
Optical Comparator
Height Gages
Plug and Block Gage Sets
Thread Gages
Micrometers – Internal and External
Surface Plates
Universal Mahr Federal Air Gage
Mahr Federal Pocket Surf Profilometer
Metrology Laboratory

SPC Real-Time Data Acquisition

MSI Machines and Manufacturing Equipment